‘Soulflowing Fire’ is an anthology of twenty-five short and long stories.

These are stories born in light and darkness, written on the tallest peaks but also in the deepest canyons of my last ten years.

The reasons for writing them, were many and varied – from exercises in expression and personal depth fathoming, to a thirst to create new characters and new stories, inside worlds which for all these years exist in my mind, and which I want to capture on paper. So, to a point, ‘per tenebras ad lucem’ applies, but often the opposite too.

Therefore, there is a degree of difficulty in reading this book.

Yet this release was completed under my responsibility and is the first release of CHTHON, and as such I believe it will reward the careful reader.


‘Soulflowing Fire’ was released on the 3rd of July 2018.

First edition:

  1. Ηardcover (Lulu)
  2. ebook (Lulu)
  3. Kindle (Amazon)
  4. Paperback (Amazon)

Both hardcover and ebook editions are also available through other online stores, like iBooks, Kobo, Nook, etc.

Below you will find the illustrations which were used in the book . The copyright belongs to their creators and I reserve every right to use them.

‘The Dark One’ by Kain Morgenmeer

(Alternate title: ‘Apotheosis’)

‘The Sigil of Saravugul’ by Kain Morgenmeer

‘The Dragon of Dream’ by Kim Dingwall

(Alternate title: ‘Ghidorrak’s Memory’)

‘Through Fire and Iron’ by Kain Morgenmeer